Crypto Research and Investing Lessons

Learn the basics of NFT and cryptocurrency investing, with an emphasis on project research.

Introduction to Digital Assets and Web3

A broad overview of web3, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs.

The Burning Village and a Brief History of Stock Investing

A tale of investing and a brief history of the stock market.

Bitcoin Tokenomics (Supply and Demand)

Learn the supply and demand characteristics behind the cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin Governance and Forks

Find out how the Bitcoin software is upgraded.

Fundamental NFT and Crypto Research

Wondering if you’re looking at the next 100x project (aka a gem)? Don’t have the time to DYOR?

We take a deep dive into a project’s fundamentals for you. We research and analyze the Development, Tokenomics, and Community of any NFT or crypto project you want. Then, the results are consolidated into one score…the DTC.

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DTC Score Project
95.2% Cardano (ADA)
100% Bitcoin (BTC)