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We believe a lack of industry knowledge and the spread of misinformation is hurting web3 adoption. 

Whether it be from socially engineered scams, founders mysteriously exiting, or just fundamentally weak projects; all aid in eroding user confidence.

We also believe much of the problem could be mitigated if deeper research and analysis is conducted upfront.

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Dark Papers

To save you time researching web3 projects, we provide all of the rigorous investigative work on projects of your choice in our research packages. We named our research packages the Dark Papers. These packages are the foundation for our Dark Pages.

Web3 Education

With new projects constantly popping up, we provide specific industry knowledge on how to successfully identify and invest into fundamentally strong digital asset projects on your own [coming soon].

Our Team

The contributors to our success. Email us if you’re interested in joining our team.

Maya Jayy


Dani B.

Digital Asset Analyst

Our Founder

A former Financial Crimes Compliance Analyst at EY, Ray left the corporate office setting in the pursuit of the burgeoning new asset class of blockchain native digital assets.

First introduced to Bitcoin in 2013, Ray has since done extensive research on projects and ecosystems in a variety of categories including:

  • smart contract platforms
  • decentralized insurance
  • metaverse gaming
  • exchange aggregators
  • yield farmers
  • lending protocols 
  • NFT-based membership platforms and many others.

Talking with friends and family about the space, he found that most don’t understand the language of the blockchain industry. Because of this, many also don’t know how to conduct thorough research and instead rely on anecdotal evidence to form an opinion about digital assets.

This has led to missed opportunities, as well as poor financial decisions being made in the space. Poor decisions such as getting into avoidable scams and fundamentally weak projects. As a result, Dark Water Research was created to provide relevant, digestible, and actionable information about blockchain-based digital assets. 

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"The road entering into the digital age is uncertain, but it does not have to be traveled alone."
RayQuan "Ray" Fields


To build personal wealth for the 90% of people that don’t have it.


A world where everyone is empowered to live the life that they want to live.


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