Bitcoin (BTC) The Original Cryptocurrency

A peer-to-peer version of electronic cash developed pseudonymously by Satoshi.

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Research Summary


A pseudonymous developer set out to disintermediate banking institutions; by creating a peer-to-peer version of electronic cash called bitcoin. Presently, bitcoin is being used as a store of value and a transaction medium online. Being an open-source project, a comprehensive roadmap is not available for the project’s ongoing development.


Bitcoin was first generated through a decentralized mining process on January 3rd, 2009. No ICO was conducted. Currently 90% of all bitcoins that will ever exist are in circulation. Additional coins are added to the total supply through mining at a rate of 1.77% annually.


The bitcoin ecosystem consists of millions of participants, with the cryptocurrency sitting at the top of its niche. However, Ethereum (ETH) is a strong competitor. Ethereum has a sizeable network effect in the smart contract sector particularly. It is believed that bitcoin may absorb the technologies of its competitors over time, but this has yet to be realized.


Based on the research conducted, Bitcoin (BTC) appears to be a fundamentally strong project.

Potential Red Flags

No blatant red flags were identified for the project at the time of the analysis.

Dark Paper

View the Bitcoin (BTC) Dark Paper for a detailed scoring breakdown.

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