Cardano (ADA) Letter of Dawn

A living report of materially important events happening for the Cardano project and its cryptocurrency (ADA).
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Weekly Development Updates Gets a New Home

May 6, 2022 by RayQuan Fields

Every week, a development update is made available by the IOG team. This week, those updates have moved over to the new Essential Cardano website. For this update, the team appears to have been doing work on the Cardano core technology, the full node Daedalus wallet, Plutus and Marlowe smart contracts, and Hydra (scaling).  

IOG Plans to Onboard Millions of Africans into the Cardano Ecosystem

May 6, 2022 by RayQuan Fields

The Director of African Operations, John O’Connor, announced that they are now working on implementing their identity system in Ethiopia on Cardano. Working with the Ministry of Education in Addis Ababa and other regions, the team at IOG are now training educators on how to use the platform. The goal is to onboard 1-2 million new students by the end of this year. Additionally, Airob has been launched in Africa as well. Airob is an incubator used to help startups build on Cardano.

Essential Cardano Site is Live!

May 5, 2022 by RayQuan Fields

“[Essential Cardano is] a community driven, living directory of resources built to showcase the incredible ecosystem building on Cardano,” explains Morgan Schofield, Head of Ecosystem Growth. The website aims to be a source of truth for the Cardano network; showcasing various projects being built by the community. The site has been compared to building an open-source Wiki page for Cardano and incorporates developer tools, podcasts, videos, articles, etc

Cardano's Founder Goes Mainstream

May 3, 2022 by RayQuan Fields

The CEO of IOHK and Founder of Cardano, Charles Hoskinson, made an appearance on FOX Business (a major national news outlet). In the interview, he spoke about the origins of Cardano and the use cases for blockchain technologies holistically.  

$16 million in Funding for Community Projects

May 2, 2022 by RayQuan Fields

The integrated treasury system, Project Catalyst, has $16 million in funding available for the community to build projects on Cardano. Voters in this system are rewarded in ADA (this is currently the 8th funding round). Voting ends on May 5th.

Cardano to Undergo Major Upgrades in June

May 2, 2022 by RayQuan Fields

In a series of tweets outlined by IOHK, they explain new features that will be implemented on the Cardano network in June via a hard fork. In summary, the Plutus programming language is becoming more efficient and functional. A brief overview of the CIPs (Cardano Improvement Proposals) are mentioned below:

  • CIP-31 (Reference Inputs) – Multiple dApps would be able to read from the same bits of information at the same time, which will improve concurrency (or the ability of a program to do different computations at the same time while still coming to the correct result).
  • CIP-32 (Inline Datums) – Simplifies the developer process by allowing the developer to store data on-chain versus just a hash on-chain. That way, a developer does not need to then include the data when interacting with a script.
  • CIP-33 (Reference Scripts) – Makes transactions smaller and cheaper by allowing the ability to refer to existing scripts in other transactions versus creating new scripts for each transaction.
  • CIP-40 (Collateral Outputs) – Collateral in a transaction is used to prevent DDOS attacks. At present, if a transaction fails, collateral is lost. After the update, you will not lose any ADA because of a failed transaction.
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