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Crypto Fundamentals

Introduction to NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens)

What's so special about NFTs, and how do they work?
Crypto Fundamentals

Ethereum’s Limitations and Risks

We'll explore some of the limitations and risks of the Ethereum protocol.
Crypto Fundamentals

Ethereum (ETH) Tokenomics

Understand the supply and demand economics behind ether.
Crypto Fundamentals

Ethereum Token Standards

Understand how different token assets are created on Ethereum.
Crypto Fundamentals

Ethereum Purchasing and Storage

Learn how to purchase and store ether (ETH).
Crypto Fundamentals

Ethereum Governance

We dive into how upgrades are implemented into the Ethereum blockchain.
Crypto Fundamentals

Ethereum Transaction Validation (Consensus)

Understand how transactions are validated on the Ethereum network.
Crypto Fundamentals

A Brief History of Ethereum

Discover a brief history of Ethereum, its purpose, and where the project is heading.
Crypto Fundamentals

Altcoins – Their Purpose and History

An introduction to altcoins, their purpose, early successes, and failures.
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