A Free NFT and Cryptocurrency Investing Course for 2022

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Introduction to Digital Assets and Investing

Get a quick overview of investing, web3, and blockchain-based digital assets.

Intro to Digital Assets

Introduction to Digital Assets and Web3

A broad overview of web3, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs.

Intro to Investing

The Burning Village and a Brief History of Stock Investing

A tale of investing and a brief history of the stock market.

Bitcoin and Blockchain

Learn the basics of blockchain through Bitcoin.

Bitcoin System Limitations

Discover some of the drawbacks of the Bitcoin protocol.

Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin Mining and Transaction Validation

Learn the underlying mechanisms of the Bitcoin payment network.

Bitcoin Governance and Forks

Find out how the Bitcoin software is upgraded.

Bitcoin Tokenomics (Supply and Demand)

Learn the supply and demand characteristics behind the cryptocurrency.

A Brief History of Bitcoin

Understand the Bitcoin project’s purpose and how far it has come.

Tests and Quizzes

Test your fundamental knowledge of crypto and investing.

Introduction to Bitcoin and Blockchain (19 Question Quiz)

Test your knowledge with this Introductory quiz.

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