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Over 90% of all NFT and crypto projects are going to $0.

Similar to the dot-com bust of 2000, the majority of teams building out the next generation of the World Wide Web are not going to make it. Speculative hype cycles end with devastating volatility to the downside. In traditional finance, plummeting stock prices tend to clear out weak businesses that cannot adapt.

Amazon.com stock alone peaked at over $100 in 1999 and proceeded to fall all the way down to $5 by 2001. The stock has done over a 700x in price since. However, many other companies have ceased to exist — wiping out their investors’ portfolios entirely.

Those who held onto Amazon stock through the market turmoil understood the company at a fundamental level. In return, the early investors made significant returns. NFT and crypto projects are no different, with fundamentally strong projects (like Bitcoin and Ethereum) creating the “new rich” with each boom-and-bust cycle.

Become a better NFT and crypto investor today.

Know if a project is most likely set up to fail.

Bad projects have certain characteristics. Unfortunately, most NFT and crypto investors don’t do enough due diligence to know the difference. As a result, hype and FOMO tend to be the primary driver of capital allocation (leading to great financial loss). To combat this, we conduct deep research on NFT and crypto projects to help investors make more informed investment decisions.

Get your most valuable asset back.

New developments happen quickly in web3. If an investor is hyper focused on understanding and monitoring a few projects, they will be too slow to pivot and most likely will miss out on life changing opportunities. Time is the most precious asset. So, we spend our time doing all of the tedious investigative work for our clients.

Minimize unavoidable losses.

Unforeseen circumstances occur often in web3. Protocols randomly break, governments pass unfavorable laws, founders leave projects, etc. We tell our clients immediately if we suspect the projects that they are interested in could be severely impacted by these unexpected events.

Our Services

* While we do our best to ensure the highest quality of information in our reports, we cannot guarantee the validity of all sources derived from the public domain. Please exercise caution when investing. 

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[Fundamental Analysis]
The Dark Page


A private page on our site featuring comprehensive NFT and crypto research — with an emphasis on the community, development, and Tokenomics.

The page is updated monthly.

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[Project Monitoring]
Letter of Dawn


A private web page outlining official correspondence and other important news related to your web3 project.

This page is updated weekly.

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[Critical Notifications]


We monitor your NFT and crypto projects daily, so we can keep you up to date on significant events as they happen. This is an upgrade to the Letter of Dawn.

We will notify you via email ASAP with important developments to your project.

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STRAIGHT…TO…THE…POINT. They didn’t sugar coat anything! I look at crypto MUCH differently now.

Priyanka P.

Web Developer

First and foremost, I was impressed by the level of scrutiny over each project that was reviewed in the DPs. Additionally, RayQuan took the time to answer every question I had. Didn’t even charge for the extra time. I would work with him again.

[anon client]

Physical Therapist

Validated a thesis I had. Made a ****ing killing on the trade. Thanks

[anon client]

Twitter Influencer
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