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So, we screen out poor-quality crypto projects for web3 investors.

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Dark Paper crypto product
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Everyone makes terrible investment decisions.

In 2017, I went from being a broke college student to having a mid-five-figure portfolio. A short while later, I had nothing. 

I didn’t know anything about investing or risk management back then. The only thing I knew was that watching crypto prices go up was addictive. Those feelings made me (and many others) ape into whatever coins were popular.

My few hundred dollars invested ballooned to tens of thousands in a few months. It was more money than I had in my whole life. Then, just as quickly as it came, it was all gone.

bitconnect (bcc) chart

Unknowingly, I was sitting on coins from projects that turned out to be scams. One was a multi-billion dollar Ponzi scheme called Bitconnect (BCC). The BCC token went from a high of $400+ to $0. It felt like I got curb stomped by the market. 

Emotionally damaged and 90% of my portfolio wiped, I decided to double down and stay in the space. Lucky I did too. I later discovered that the red flags were obvious when using a proper research framework.

How I went from losing everything to generating 7+ figures in crypto.

Investing Framework

In 2018, I started working at EY as a Financial Crimes Compliance Analyst. My job was to aid in the prevention of money laundering. More specifically, I determined if a company’s transactions aligned with its primary line of business. 

In other words, I was a professional snitch for financial institutions. 

Little did I know, the skillset I built would soon be highly profitable. Why? Because I learned how to identify suspicious activity systematically.

Applying what I learned in the corporate setting to crypto, I quickly recouped all my portfolio losses. Then I built 7+ figures of wealth between my family, my friends, and myself. 

Dark Water Research exists to help others achieve the same.

Become a better crypto investor NFT trader web3 influencer today.

Get your most valuable asset back — time.

Someone said they found the next Bitcoin. Fantastic.

Next, a savvy web3 investor would briefly skim over the project website, check for liquidity, community size and sentiment, how the protocol works, ICO details and vesting, wallet distribution, code audits, the team’s background, use-cases, revenue streams… In conclusion, it may take multiple hours to investigate one project.

If investors are hyper-focused on understanding and monitoring a few projects, they won’t be able to pivot when presented with new opportunities. That’s why we spend our time doing all the tedious investigative work for our clients.

Gain a deep understanding of a project at a fundamental level.

Poor-quality projects have defining characteristics. However, most web3 investors don’t do enough due diligence to know the difference. Hype and FOMO are the primary drivers of capital allocation. This behavior leads to significant financial loss in the long run. 

To combat this, we conduct deep research on NFT and crypto projects to help investors make more informed investment decisions. 

Minimize unavoidable losses.

Unforeseen circumstances often occur in web3. Protocols randomly break, hackers exploit mint contracts, founders leave projects, and many other undesired events. If you miss an update, that could lead to your holdings quickly going to $0.

That’s why we keep a close eye on any Discord chats, YouTube accounts, blog posts, or any other official communications channels for a project. Furthermore, we tell our clients immediately if we discover any major news breaks.

Successfully build a web3 audience with less effort.

Profitable web3 investors tend to gravitate towards being influencers. They start motivated to make great content, realize it takes a lot of sustained energy, and then the quality begins to suffer. Often, the content stops altogether — the #1 platform killer.  

But that doesn’t have to be the case. 

Our reports convert into pillar pieces of content that help generate engaging blogs, news articles, Twitter threads, podcasts, video scripts, and more. 

Our Services

* While we do our best to ensure the highest quality of the information in our reports, we cannot guarantee the validity of all sources derived from the public domain. Please exercise caution when investing.
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[Web3 Project Fundamentals]
Deep Research


Delve into our flagship product — the Dark Papers.

Receive an on-demand investigation of any NFT or cryptocurrency project’s fundamentals.


  • An evidence-based report
  • A project scoring rubric
  • An analyst quality review

[Web3 Project Fundamentals]
Daily Monitoring


We monitor your NFT and cryptocurrency projects daily, so we can keep you updated on significant events as they happen. 

Media outlets we watch include official blogs, social media pages (Twitter, Reddit, and YouTube), and public groups (Discord and Telegram).


  • Daily email updates 
  • Emergency SMS notifications to your phone

[Web3 Education]
Content Creation


We’ll help you consistently create valuable web content around any cryptocurrency or NFT project. 

This product requires an initial Dark Paper (deep research) per project.


  • Short-form blogs
  • Long-form blogs 
  • Video scripts
  • Podcast scripts
  • Tweet threads

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