Orion Protocol (ORN) Liquidity Aggregator

A blockchain-agnostic decentralized DEX, CEX, and swap pool liquidity aggregator.

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Research Summary


Created by Alexey Koloskov from Russia, Orion Protocol aims to be the decentralized gateway to the broader cryptocurrency and NFT market. The protocol will accomplish this goal by eventually aggregating all major DEXs, CEXs and swap pools in one place. The aggregator is currently operational and includes a swap feature, order book, liquidity pools and governance staking.

Outlined in the official roadmap, Orion Protocol aims to increase platform trading volume, improve infrastructure, and roll out innovative features.


The ORN token was made available through a Dynamic Coin Offering in 2020. The DYCO was a new token sale framework in which utility tokens are USD-backed for up to 16 months after the token generation event and participants are entitled to an 80% refund.

At this point, less than 50% of the total coin supply is in public circulation. The remainder of the coins are currently vested and owned by early investors in the platform. A specific rate of inflation could not be determined, but the total supply of coins should be unlocked by 2023.


The Orion Protocol ecosystem consists of over 100k followers across its official social media accounts.

1inch (1INCH) appears to be the leading exchange aggregator in the space, with a market capitalization 7 times larger than Orion Protocol on January 24, 2022.


Based on the research conducted, Orion Protocol (ORN) appears to be a fundamentally strong project.

Potential Red Flags

Tokenomics-related considerations were found. Please review the DP below.

Dark Paper

View the Orion Protocol (ORN) Dark Paper for a detailed scoring breakdown.

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